NSF Dimensions Press Release

NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity 2010-2013 Projects

Chicago Botanic Garden Press Release

The Evolution of a Research Idea - CBG Blog Entry describing the project evolution over the last 5 years and detailing the goals of the NSF Dimensions of Biodiversity grant. 7 October 2013

Plants Are Cool, Too - Desert Blooms and Marathon Moths   Hawkmoths fly for miles each night in search of flower nectar - and are thus critically important as pollinators of desert wildflowers. Dr. Chris Martine joins Krissa Skogen (Chicago Botanic Garden) in New Mexico's White Sands National Monument and finds plant romance happening by the light of the full moon

Keep Growing - Chicago Botanic Garden quarterly member magazine. The evening primrose, the hawkmoth, and the Mompha moth: an evolutionary love triangle. Fall 2014 issue

USDA Blog - Evening primrose by any other name is a moth plant. 19 Aug 2014

UConn Today - A growing knowledge: from plants to pollinators 13 May 2014

Nature Documentaries  is a website that uncovers the best nature documentaries available online for free viewing. They post videos from non-profit and educational resources such as PBS/ NOVA / Nature,  BBC, TED, NASA and individuals who capture compelling moments in nature. 25 March 2014

UConn Today– Taking adventure botany on the road (University of Connecticut) 23 October 2013

Behind the Scenes – Filming “Plants Are Cool, Too!” - CBG Blog Entry; 18 October 2013